Over Thinking

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

1 February 2013 I got accused of thinking too much,... again. So what did I do? I thought about it.

Even if I do "think too much", why would thinking too much be a bad thing? It seems to me that over-thinking can lead to inaction but does it really matter how long one takes to ponder an action, especially if that action proves to be correct? Isn't the world filled with cases not thought out? Isn't the world filled with examples of thoughtlessness? As an artist I never wanted to create for "the lowest common denominator". I create, first and foremost, for myself. This is a direct reflection of my curiosity with the world around me. And I think about the world... a lot. This piece started as a contrast between old and new. The old wrought iron, box and candle sticks next to a modern piece of maple. This was to be the more formal, graphic approach but I just couldn't get it to work. The pieces just couldn't come together in a conversation. So it sat on the workbench for months as I thought about this piece. Deciding that this just wasn't a strong direction, I decided to change the piece to a more surreal direction. This included the wooden type "v:8u" and a broken ceramic doll's head. I don’t have any definite thoughts as to why this piece now works or what I was trying to say but there is now much more room for the viewer to think about this.

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