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Pushing Again

I am still "pushing" works that I have not been satisfied with. This is tricky business as I have sometimes found myself less than pleased with a piece only to change my mind months (and even years) later. Never-the-less, this process has been very successful but presents many challenges. Some works, for example, can not easily come apart to add or subtract elements. New ingredients can only be added to the existing piece as their solid construction just doesn't lend themselves to coming apart.

Sometimes just adding a frame finishes a work but at other times, elements need to be added as well. In this piece, "Birth of Venus", I thought adding a frame would finish it but then I found the most delicate of ornamental brass trim that was just so beautiful I had to include it. Being wider than the frame, this brass helped the work brake free of its rectangular confines adding additional drama.

In truth I always liked this piece but somehow I still thought it needed more. I was never actually dissatisfied with this but now, with a little push, it's better.

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