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A Waiting Game

I was working on a piece and although I really liked the center elements, the trick was having them as a focal point without them getting lost. When I was done, the work wasn’t “right”. As I am often apt to do when a piece doesn’t live up to my expectations, I decided to wait to see if this was merely the “shock of the new”.

So I waited and continued to work on other pieces. After a few months I still wasn’t satisfied so I thought a frame would finish it. Perhaps putting more emphasis on the center elements. It was a beautiful frame and yet, it still wasn’t right. Rather than focusing on the center elements, the frame seemed to overwhelm them. So I waited again.

In time, I realized that I was forcing a direction on these center elements when I should have been listening to them all along. I took the piece apart, changed a few elements and kept the center elements as a Foundling all by itself. I am still going to keep the name “Window” but rather than being a medium sized work, it is a small gem. Smaller and yet so much more satisfying. It pays to be patient as waiting is in fact, part of the process.

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