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This Foundling has not been put together yet. The parts are only laying in place to see if this piece is indeed working. I have had this delicate wooden frame for years but scared to use it. The frame is so fragile and at the same time, commands a lot of attention with its beautiful grain and delicate edging. As such, finding a home for it has been very difficult.

If I do put this piece together I will have to carefully drill through the frame at least 11 times so I can bolt the bronze cap nuts to it. Not only do I have a concern about how delicate this is but the drawer pull, the horizontal part obscuring part of the shell, is also something that I am unsure of. I’m just not sure it fits.

Waiting helps. Time gives me the opportunity to reflect on a piece that I am working on. Rushing can cause me to travel down a path that I may not be able to return from (like drilling holes in a delicate frame). So I wait. I will also be going up to the Brimfield Antique Fair in Massachusetts in a few weeks so I can decide later. I may just find something that will work better. You never know.

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