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Hoyt Museum / Blair Gallery

I have been accepted to have a solo show this summer at the Hoyt Museum/Blair Gallery Walkway in New Castle Pennsylvania.

The space is beautiful but I was concerned that the walls in the gallery are brown. I had thought that the brown would not work well with my Foundlings so I drove out to the Hoyt with a few pieces in tow.

I was greatly relieved to see that the gallery has glass walls that allow a lot of natural light into the space with very good artificial spotlights.

The next challenge will be how to transport 20 to 25 works to the gallery. The Hoyt Museum is about seven hours way and although that’s a long drive, it a straight drive on Route 80.

One of the other things they don’t teach you in art school is logistics (in addition to pricing your work). Rent a car or a van; rent a trailer; explore shipping options; or just get a car roof- top storage bin. How the car gets packed will probably be the deciding factor on just how many pieces will be in the show.

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