Updated: Nov 10, 2018

30 May 2013 I have been busy preparing for my first one-man show up in Earlville, New York. Hosted at the Earlville Opera House, the show will begin on 10 August and will run for six weeks. I am not sure which is more intimidating, how big the gallery is or that it will be my first one-man show. The show in Sea Cliff had 21 pieces and I hope to have 30 to 40 pieces in this one. It will be a lot of work and just the logistics of getting all of my work there will be an issue. I am grateful to Marie, again, for planning all of the details, from renting a van to cataloging my work. Just keeping track of all of my work, now approaching 80 pieces, is a complex task. Also, my thanks to Patti and Chris from the Opera House who have been most helpful. I am really looking forward to the show.

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