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Dorian Grey Gallery

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into a little gallery on the Lower East Side (9th Street and Avenue A) with my nephew. I decided to send the gallery a pdf file of 20+ Foundlings and a little note inquiring on their submission policy. I do this from time to time and don't usually get a response. Not getting a response can get depressing but not trying in the first place is worse (getting a form rejection letter is somewhere in the middle). It turns out that they were having a group show and had a space for one more artist. Turns out that the gallery owner's wife stopped into the retail store in Port Washington were she saw the six Foundlings I have on display. Turns out that she was bugging her husband (Christopher, the gallery owner) that he has to check out the art that was there. That's when my e-mail showed up. It's just amazing how things work. Where connections exist that you just don't see. The gallery is called the Dorian Grey Gallery and I was invited to the group show. The work is only up for two weeks but I have four Foundlings that were accepted into the show (and one of them is in the front window!). I have now officially broken into the Manhattan gallery scene. I transport my Foundlings in boxes so those are my boxes and not a reflection of the Dorian Grey Gallery,... just my delivery style.

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