Art Expo

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

27 January 2014 I'm about to take another leap. I have gotten into Artexpo in New York. Although the show is juried, I suspect it's more about buying a booth. Still, if my work wasn't up to a certain standard, I would not have been accepted.

The show will be in the beginning of April and it will be in Manhattan (Pier 94). I have no idea what to expect and I have a million questions. Will this be "proof" of how my work is received or is it merely another small step on the path of being a fine artist? Will this be a "one time" show at Artexpo or is this an event that I will have to exhibit at annually? Am I trying to sell or is this an opportunity to connect with gallery owners and art buyers?

Whatever happens, I am very excited. I have a lot of details to figure out and a lot of  preparation to do.

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