Rules and Understanding

It's been over three years since I wondered into a gallery and saw an artist who used antique rulers as part of his work. I don't remember the artist's name or even where the gallery was. His work was very minimal the rulers were major elements in his work. I was just struck by both the beauty in these rulers and with the understanding that in our effort to explore the world, we measure it first. This piece is called Isabella.

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Bird's Eye View

I have often commented on maintaining a fresh perspective when creating Foundlings as it is so easy to get lost in the process. Usually a change in my perspective helps. Waiting a day or two enables m


Unlike silver, the gold and brass tones I work with have an inherit antique quality to them. That is not to say that silver always looks “new” just that the brighter quality of most silver can have a

Workshop Upgrade

11 January 2021. It is difficult to see yourself accurately, to access your own work and by extension, to see how your skills have improved both aesthetically and technically. I am not handy by natur