I have to be careful when I work large. As I have mentioned, working large means having to deal with weight, loads, and structure. Small works have their challenges but large works almost feel like creating furniture. There is a presence that makes these complicated to build and transport but this presence can also be so satisfying.

This is Equinox and is 22” x 56” x 7”. Almost five feet tall, this piece is on the larger side and does not come apart. I have become more sensitive to building larger works that can come apart. This allows me to protect fragile elements, if there are any, and pack a piece in several boxes making the transportation easier. Unfortunately this work did not lend itself to easy disassembly.

I have been getting work into several museums lately. Also very satisfying but this means that Marie and I have been on the road transporting the work all around the tri-sate area. I have been concentrating on regional museums to keep these travel times down but there still is the issue of moving my work. If it’s a single piece that needs to be delivered, that’s easy but a solo show, with lots of work, can be an ordeal.

I am still planning my solo show this summer at the Hoyt Museum. Trying to get 20+ pieces on a seven hour road trip is not a simple undertaking. My friend Dave will be driving out to New Castle, PA with his car following my car. Now I will have to concentrate on getting each piece in the smallest packing box possible to maximize room. A lot of effort but worth it. I am looking forward to this show.

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