Updated: Nov 7, 2018

20 April 2015 I got into an interesting conversation the other day about intention, with an artist friend of mine. She said that what was so inspiring about my work was how intentional it looked. It was clear that nothing was just arbitrarily put together. Items were repeated, parts lined up with each other, symmetry and asymmetry were very much thought out.

I think this is one of the ingredients that makes my Foundlings look like it has a purpose. That is not to say that there isn't a certain amount of spontaneity in my work. I may spontaneously add a part but unless it looks integrated into the overall design of the piece, it won't stay there. If it's not purposely fitting into the piece, the work itself starts to look like a collage. I am very clear that I don't want these works to look haphazard.

Also, I think this "intension" gives these works a sense of importance. Not in the overblown, pompous sort of way but in the serious, "I am paying attention to the details" way.

Art Expo is this week. I am excited, and nervous. See you there.

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