Updated: Nov 10, 2018

26 October 2013 This Foundling came together so quickly that it was almost a surprise. I have learned to humbly accept that some of these pieces happen very quickly and some happen very slowly. And some, never happen at all.


So as a working name, I called this Speedy Gonzales, the speedy cartoon mouse from my childhood. Later, in thinking about the name, I decided to name it after my dear friend Gonzalo. A very talented graphic designer, a great father and a very funny guy from Chile. His name was, after all, so very close to Speedy Gonzales. Gonzalo helps me see American culture from a totally different point of view (not to mention his wonderful, funny insights about the English language). He taught me that beauty, art and design are indeed an international language.

In telling him the story of how I came to name this piece after him, I wondered if he knew about Speedy Gonzales. America tends to export some of the very best (and very worst) of our culture. Gonzalo knew of Speedy and added "Why of course. He is actually a national hero".

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