Updated: Nov 10, 2018

20 June 2013 Gibbous, meaning a phase of the moon that is more then half but less then full. This piece, now about four months old, is still evolving. Not by my hand but by Mother Nature. In exploring other metals, I find copper very difficult to work with. Its beautiful salmon color, at first blush, wants to work with the rich colors of old wood and yet, it seems to fight the dark wood tones. I had this photographed soon after its completion with the copper old enough to not look brand new but not so old that it lost its color. I was pleased and this image provides a record of this piece as it was constructed. Over the last few months, however, the copper is really starting to tarnish and I am so conflicted. The copper is oxidizing so much that it's almost brown like an old penny. So on one hand I continue to marvel at the process, both the creative process and the aging process. And on the other hand, the understanding that everything changes despite how much we hold on to that which we hold dear. This creative path has been such an exploration of not just of the world around me but of self. I had thought that this pieces was done. I had thought that this piece was complete. Now I have come to realize that it is still changing but it is still less then full.

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