Updated: Nov 10, 2018

6 March 2013 This is a very special Foundling to me. The brass numbers were taken from my boyhood home before it was sold, torn down and subsequently turned into a new house.

I wanted to make a personal Foundling with the numbers but laying out the numbers, 248-37, the way they were when they were attached to the front door, kept looking like an illustration of my old home. By stacking the numbers on top of each other they collapse together, not unlike a memory. The depth of the actual experience is gone but the impression lasts. The textured tile was also taken from the dining room where my father would hang his art. To my surprise and completely by accident, one of the picture hooks, just to the right of the numbers is still in the tile. The art that used to hang on it is gone but the memory of the art is still very real. Hanging beneath is the key to the front door. There are times when I need to close the door to this, leaving only the key exposed, as sometimes the memory can get too raw.

I am excited to be asked by Wit & Whim to have some of my pieces exhibited in a show they are having in April. Laurie, the owner, is a very big fan of my work. I can tell as she is so complimentary of my Foundlings and even purchased one. I am pleased that another Foundling has found a new home.

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