Axis Ovi

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

20 August 2013 It's been a busy month. First preparing for my first 'one-man' show in Earlviile and now a show that materialized rather quickly at the Dorian Grey Gallery in Manhattan. I was so very pleased that Dorian Grey hung a dozen pieces. The opening reception is this week.

This is Axis Ovi. Not sure why this piece has become such a favorite of mine. Perhaps it's the wooden tile background which originally lived in my parent's dining room. Perhaps it's the organic contrast of the egg with the coral. It's so difficult to say why some Foundlings speak to me more then others. It's so difficult to know what exactly makes a successful work. Worse, some of my "favorites" seem less "popular" while some of my "less favorite" pieces prove to be real crowd pleasers.

I am not, strictly speaking, looking for approval but it would seem that fundamental to art is the viewer. Like any parent, I want all of my pieces to succeed and find good homes, but in my heart, I do have a few favorites,... that quietly wink to me.

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