Updated: Nov 10, 2018

7 February 2012 As in previous posts, I have been exploring what my voice is and how to express it. Along with voice is the notion of what is an artistic expression as opposed to what is an illustration. Certainly there is some overlap and indeed, some artists (Norman Rockwell as well Maxfield Parrish come to mind) have transcended illustration.

In this piece, Wes, there is a piece of coral that just seemed right for this. In thinking, or perhaps over thinking this piece, there seemed to be a western feel and was wondering if an antler might be more appropriate. In discussing this with my dear friend Christopher, I was gently chided. An antler, no matter how "appropriate" would make this an illustration. It's the coral, whose sole purpose is to fill the space the way I needed it to be filled, so the whole piece works together, makes this art. It makes room for the juxtaposition.

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