Updated: Nov 10, 2018

24 April 2012 I thought this one would come together quickly. It hasn't. Here I am six weeks later and it still isn't together. I do love the background texture. I had purchased a piece of artwork where someone welded different textures of rectangular tin together making a mosaic. It didn't look like it was done with any vision, or love, but I did want to cut the work apart and "re-purpose" the textures. I still have my concerns about using or re-purposing someone else's work but when my work calls for a detail and the detail becomes so integrated into the piece, it seems right. In Dragonfly, I think the texture echos the pattern in a dragonfly's wings in a very Art Nouveau kind of way. Also, the tinted metal has muted color creeping into my work. The verdigris blends so nicely with the dark wood and brass.

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