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We leave tomorrow. Our travels will take us to Belgium, Amsterdam and Portugal. Traveling is both incredibly exciting as well as nerve wracking. On one hand, to explore the world, to see new sights and meet new people is one way to get out of daily routines that will wake up the senses. It is said that the further away you go, the easier it is to see where you have been. It is so much easier to see the forest from afar.

On the other hand, preparing for travel (actually Marie has done all of the planning and preparing), the traveling itself as well as the breaking of routines is very stressful. You never really understand how comfortable and set in your ways you are until you break with them. 

This distance helps you see not only your daily routines but your creative pursuits as well. You gain pespective. The break from creating is also a way to recharge your creativity. To see what you have done, to ponder aesthetic directions, and to plan for new directions does tend to fill me with excitement. By the time I return I am hungry to create again. And seeing new art will only inspire me.

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