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This is Golden Section II and is a favorite of mine (image left). It was recently purchased and shipped to Arizona but in the process, it broke in transit. I was heartbroken. I use a lot of broken elements in my work but the graceful, evenly spaced spines in the nautilus shell just didn’t lend themselves to keeping this wound as is. At first I had hoped that the broken spine wouldn’t be noticed but it kept crying out to me. Clearly this wasn’t going to go unnoticed nor, as is sometimes the case, did the brake add to the aesthetics of the work.

I did find a decorative piece of brass (image right) that might cover the wound but I am not sure about it. It may be too overpowering and yet, perhaps that is just what is needed to heal the piece.

When something breaks I do try to “let go”... to understand that nothing is permanent and that everything and everyone in some way has a wound. I am pretty good at consoling myself that this is a process and that if something breaks, I just have to move on. These works teach me so much.

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